Answer for question 4537.

How different of a person are you now than you were several years ago? Have you moved far away from what you used to know and believe, or have you essentially remained the same? What's the biggest change in your views of the world now versus the past?
Hnh, I've never seen one of these questions of the day before. I'm surprised I don't have the ability to write a full answer like I would for a normal post.
I'll just say that I'm looking at my navigation links, and I think it'd be more difficult to describe what /hasn't/ changed.

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>Looks through 'doodles' tags from 2009
>my heart is crying

At least I can tell that I've improved... good lord... the things i used to be proud to show off...

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Maybe it's silly to care so much about what people do...
How much they hurt you...
Whether they're good people...

Maybe if you just love that person and act accordingly, everything'll be all right...
Not to let yourself get hurt again and again, not to blind yourself to what they're doing, but...

Maybe relationships are too precious to let something so temporal as actions ruin them.

Tattoos I'd like to get someday

Not that I actually plan on getting one, but hey, for self-reference in the future if I change my mind. Couldn't think of a reason to make this private.

[[Edit 8/20/13 in brackets]]

-My name/my significant other's name (lol like I'll ever have one of those) in hieroglyphs [[No.]]

-A wadjet [[Yes.]]

-A little Millennium Ring on my chest [[Still want this. Have been collecting ref images.]]

-'"Do not mark your skin with tattoos." Leviticus 19:28' [[Been done. Would still be cool but I dunno where I'd put it. ...Lolwhatif I did it as a tramp stamp.]]

-One of those DEATH BEFORE DECAF tattoos with a stylized coffee cup and/or skull [[Still want.]]

-Stylized "Momento Mori" [[Got it a year ago. :D I'd still like to jazz it up with some death imagery that's small and simply to decorate around the words.]]

-[[As said in a different post--zombie/doll type stitches.]]
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In the interest of updates on me

So I'm gonna keep up with this habit of only updating LJ a few times a year with major events a long time after they happen, apparently.

I /do/ treat Livejournal as a journal, actually, but mostly with stuff I'm too scared to post on Tumblr or Twitter--so I make it visible to "just me." A good way to keep track of my thoughts, actually.

Anyhoo, a few highlights:

I came out of the closet as bi, gradually, over the last few months. I'm still figuring that out since all I know is that I'm in love with a girl--who knows about the guy part, but I guess I'll leave my options open until I actually, y'know, date someone and figure it out. This has been a lot longer in coming than I've ever let on to anybody. I can remember feeling this way back, at least to when I was a freshman in high school, though I was definitely in denial about it. I didn't realize it until January 28, according to the private part of my LJ. But, yeah. Boobies. Hooray.
(And I realize the irony of how I used to act toward Shanie about it. sigh. I'm sorry.)

I just finished my last day of high school yesterday. I still have two finals to take, and I graduate on June 1st. Then it's down to University of Central Florida to sign up for classes. I actually got a full ride there. Wow.

The depression I've posted about has waned for now, and I'm doing pretty well. Let's hope it stays that way.

I'm RPing on Tumblr with a Thief King Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh character) and he's gotten really popular. I have a lot of friends on there. It's pretty awesome to be able to do that.
On that note, I've started yaoi-ing with him. o___O I never thought I'd do that, haha. But it's kind of cool.

I think that's all the major stuff.

A'ight guys!

I'm in the middle of a depressed streak right now, but the moods come and go; and if there's one thing that helps me out with this kinda crap, it's having people to talk to... not even about my feelings or complaints, but about fandoms and shared interests and how our days went. :) Unfortunately, my reserve of such people has rapidly diminished in the past month or so.

With that in mind, I've resolved to make more friends, if through no other medium than establishing more of an online presence outside of Twitter and the other social networking sites I haunt. So here I am, back again! I'll try to check LJ at least once a day for a while, maybe more; and of course I get emailed whenever people comment.

Because it's been--what, a year? Maybe two?--since I've been on LJ on a regular basis, I aim to do a semi-complete overhaul of my account. I'm not gonna delete old posts and friends because that would be both sad and lame, plus I kinda hope to reconnect with people I knew only through here. But I am gonna change my groups and prob'ly icons and descriptions and all that fun stuff.

So hi to any of y'all still Friends with me. :)