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A'ight guys!

I'm in the middle of a depressed streak right now, but the moods come and go; and if there's one thing that helps me out with this kinda crap, it's having people to talk to... not even about my feelings or complaints, but about fandoms and shared interests and how our days went. :) Unfortunately, my reserve of such people has rapidly diminished in the past month or so.

With that in mind, I've resolved to make more friends, if through no other medium than establishing more of an online presence outside of Twitter and the other social networking sites I haunt. So here I am, back again! I'll try to check LJ at least once a day for a while, maybe more; and of course I get emailed whenever people comment.

Because it's been--what, a year? Maybe two?--since I've been on LJ on a regular basis, I aim to do a semi-complete overhaul of my account. I'm not gonna delete old posts and friends because that would be both sad and lame, plus I kinda hope to reconnect with people I knew only through here. But I am gonna change my groups and prob'ly icons and descriptions and all that fun stuff.

So hi to any of y'all still Friends with me. :)
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