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Tattoos I'd like to get someday

Not that I actually plan on getting one, but hey, for self-reference in the future if I change my mind. Couldn't think of a reason to make this private.

[[Edit 8/20/13 in brackets]]

-My name/my significant other's name (lol like I'll ever have one of those) in hieroglyphs [[No.]]

-A wadjet [[Yes.]]

-A little Millennium Ring on my chest [[Still want this. Have been collecting ref images.]]

-'"Do not mark your skin with tattoos." Leviticus 19:28' [[Been done. Would still be cool but I dunno where I'd put it. ...Lolwhatif I did it as a tramp stamp.]]

-One of those DEATH BEFORE DECAF tattoos with a stylized coffee cup and/or skull [[Still want.]]

-Stylized "Momento Mori" [[Got it a year ago. :D I'd still like to jazz it up with some death imagery that's small and simply to decorate around the words.]]

-[[As said in a different post--zombie/doll type stitches.]]
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